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November 20, 2009


Thanks for the kind words about Carrie & her show. Last time she played Columbus was actually with Tim Easton at Little Brothers and it was PACKED. Not sure why we went from 200+ to 20. Not good. Maybe we took too long to get back? Maybe the economy is still in the crapper? Maybe no one knew we were comin'? But WCBE and local press made me think we'd be good. I refuse to believe it's because Carrie doesn't deliver live. Your review helped confirm that. Glad Romantica helped lead you to her. Next time she's in the area, I'll guest list ye - just email me - ok?

I don't think people knew she was coming and I think the venue was probably to blame as well. They just changed their name, they have no real website to speak of, parking sucks etc. I think if it had been the The Thirsty Ear, The Basement, or any number of other places there would have been more people.

The Sunday after the show, I was telling someone about the concert and I got as far as "Carrie Rod-"
when he interrupted with "Carrie Rodriguez?! She ain't me!" He couldn't believe she'd been in town and he'd missed it.

I kind of want Circus (as ridiculous as its name may be) to do well. I just wish there were more successful venues in Columbus.

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